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Inventory Management Technology Solutions

For Manufacturers

Manufacturers of orthopedic implants maintain complex supply chains that include central distribution centers, loaner banks, local distributors, sales reps and self-storage locations.  Combine those diverse stocking locations with zero tolerance for error in surgeon product availability has created challenging and bloated supply chains.  VisiTouch provides the technology and services to bring significant value to all business partners:

  • Complete field inventory management/inventory control
  • Improved inventory turns (reduced inventory days on hand)
  • Capable of supporting rep light / rep-less solutions
  • Ability to respond to field actions immediately
  • Improved regulatory compliance
  • Reduced risk of implanting recalled or expired products
  • Improved asset/inventory visibility (near real time)
  • Improved order to cash cycle
  • Reduced reliance on local distributors
  • Reduction in freight cost
  • Reduction in warehousing cost

For Providers / Hospitals

While Providers don’t typically own orthopedic products until post surgery, they do pay a premium for these products and must be good custodians of these consigned products while inside the Providers facility.  Utilizing VisiTouch’s technology and services allows Providers to:

  • Reduced Product Cost Through Renegotiation of Existing Contracts
  • Gain Control of Trauma Inventory
  • Reduced On-Hand Inventory = Reduction In Space Required
  • Visibility Minimizes Inventory Liability Risk
  • Utilize One System To Manage All Manufacturers
  • Create Opportunity for Future Rep-less Model
  • Compliance Cost Savings
  • Improved Productivity in the SPD Department and OR
  • Reduce Invoicing Discrepancies From Manufacturers
  • Reduce Manufacturer Rep’s Ability To Upcharge During Surgery
  • Free up space inside hospitals

For Third Party Logistics Organizations

Third Party Logistics Organizations are beginning to crack into this supply chain.  Many already manage central distribution centers and loaner banks.  However, securing final mile links into the hospital themselves has been elusive for almost all 3PL’s. Utilizing VisiTouch’s technology platform and services can provide a pathway for 3PL’s to expand their reach inside of hospitals or optimize performance at their own facilities when managing orthopedic kits and trays. 

For Distributors

The traditional large US based distributors are seeking options to create greater stickiness with their hospital customers.  Several have services that manage part of the orthopedic supply chain but none have the capability to identify non-barcoded instruments and implants and improve processes for both Manufacturers and Providers. Utilizing VisiTouch’s technology platform and services can provide a pathway for Distributors to assist both Manufacturer clients and Hospital clients improve the supply chain.  This helps to ensure the stickiness traditional distributors have worked hard to create remains intact.

Local Distributors representing orthopedic manufacturers are seeking ways to reduce inventory, free up sales reps time for case coverage or selling to physicians and less time moving inventory around.  VisiTouch’s solutions are in the sweet spot to improve sales reps productivity while providing visibility to products and tools to enhance the flow of goods, funds and information surrounding the orthopedic supply chain.

  • Improve visibility of inventory and assets
  • Profitably grow your business
  • Balance field sales needs with desire to increase inventory turns
  • Eliminate errors through field logistics system integration to your ERP

For SAS / ERP Providers

Technology solution providers that touch Providers and Manufacturer supply chains are robust but don’t have the capability to track non barcoded instruments and implants inside the four walls of a hospital.  VisiTouch can bolt on this capability to almost any system to greatly enhance existing capabilities.  Our integration ease and license fee approach insures a quick startup and you’ll only pay for what you need.