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Inventory Management Technology Solutions

VisiTouch - Sterile Processing Departements (SPD) Module

VisiTouch Technology is utilized to simplify instrument and implant tray replenishment while capturing usage and demand information. Gone are the days of referencing manuals to determine product placement in trays/kits. Simply scan a procedure tray/tray stack and view what a complete tray looks like. Roll your mouse or touch each product for SKU info, create a replenishment order, replenish the product…all with minimal knowledge needed of the actual product.

kit tray
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surgical tools
second surgical tools
sterile processing department

VisiTouch - Trauma Product Module

VisiTouch Technology is utilized to manage hospital and/or OEM owned trauma inventory and consumption. There is a tremendous opportunity to optimize hospital trauma inventory stocking levels, reduce expiration and control the flow inventory from Trauma carts to surgical Kits/Trays. Using the same technology, VisiTouch creates a visual of each trauma cart drawer and location to ease product location, stocking and replenishment.
trauma management software
example trauma trays

VisiTouch - Operating Room Module

VisiTouch Technology is utilized to capture both barcoded prepackaged finished goods implants as well non-barcoded inventory usage during surgical procedures then confirm usage by both OR staff/OEM with eSignatures. This eliminates the need for Reps and OR staff to collect stickers and manually capture product usage during procedures and greatly improves the order to cash cycle.

operating room
operating room module demo
operating room module signature capture

VisiTouch – Analytics Module

VisiTouch’s back-end analytics module that serves as a platform to provide our client with leading edge inventory optimization and visibility capabilities. Our tools allow clients to set inventory safety stock levels, view inventory and order status as well gain visibility to all inventory locations from inside a hospital to around the globe.

analytics module