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Inventory Management Technology Solutions

3 Provisional Patents Filed In 2014
Vision System – I
Vision System – II
Vision System - III
WIPO (World Intellectual Property Office)
Filed PCT (Patent Cooperation Treaty)
100+ Countries
Patent Awarded April 16, 2019
Patent Number: 10,262,296

Tool Kit

VisiTouch offers a simplified inventory management process for non-barcoded product typically placed in a static inventory locations. Our Vision system technology allows our clients to utilize pictures of products and screen taps for for replenishment, reordering and tracking. While originally designed for the complex supply chain of orthopedic implants, this technology can be utilized in virtually any industry.

Ease of use is a critical component that makes the VisiTouch platform such a valuable tool for our clients. Offline mobile capability, handheld scanners and a simple easy to use interface are just a few of the features that ensure VisiTouch will be widely adopted in your organization.

Advanced Analytics

VisiTouch bolts statistical modeling capabilities onto our technology to ensure inventory stocking levels are maintained at optimal levels. Four sigma, five sigma, six sigma…you pick your stocking level and we’ll provide you with all the tools and information to maintain it.

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  • High-Value Equipment Tracking
  • Online/Offline Geospatial Tracking
  • Non-Barcoded Component Management
  • Par and Safety Stock Analysis
  • Order Automation
  • Notification Services