Discover the benefits of new Visio viewer for iOS

VisiTouch helps mobile workers to view and comment on Visio diagrams.

The application lets preview VSD, VDX, VSDX files created in Microsoft Visio, convert them to PDF, add a choice of annotations and share in the cloud or by email.

  • VisiTouch is an essential Visio viewer for business managers, using iPads

    Access business and project documents on the go, make spontaneous presentations, navigate plans and schemes during on-site inspections.

  • VisiTouch is a strategic BYOD enabler for Enterprises, seeking for iOS Visio viewer

    Provide support for industry-standard file format, get the ability to view and share grahics data with colleagues, minimize IT costs.

  • Visio viewer for iPad workers in the field

    Use mobile devices to view technical schemes instead of paper plans, illustrate data-driven sales pitches, communicate with in-house team.